Enabling the Disabled

With a staggering number of children born with disabilities or succumbing to them at a young age, we are addressing the urgency of this situation. We help to get these children the proper vital care services they require plus provide education to help them receive job training skills for those opportunities that they can pursue. This is the start of giving these children the dignity they are deserving of.
ROAD also provides counseling and rehabilitation services to affected individuals.


At the core of ROAD and our efforts lies the need to engage with the community, grooming and nurturing young leaders to become the difference makes that Liberia needs. Liberian children have begun to move past a survival mentality and are now embracing their potential as future leaders within the community and even the country. We can achieve this goal through sponsor-funded rescue missions for orphans, leadership training workshops, scholarships, and peer-to-peer mentorship.


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Rose’s Organization for Advocacy and Development, known as ROAD, exists because of personal donations from caring people and the generosity of our board members. Every dollar we receive is a steppingstone to help guide a Liberian child to a brighter future. Can you find it in your heart to be a star that helps to light their pathway forward? A donation from you can make a profound difference in the lives of these precious children in dire need.


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