Our Story

Our Story

Benjamin Rose and Levi Gaye are men of action. Together they founded Rose’s Organization for Advocacy and Development (ROAD) to support underprivileged Liberian children and persons with disabilities through implementing specific initiatives evolving around: 1) advocacy to end human trafficking; 2) services to assist disabled children and adults learn skills and have their basic needs met; and 3) provide educational opportunities to children so they receive an education. These three tenets of service are at the core of all the benefits that ROAD offers to Liberian children and adults in need.

Building A Solid Foundation

The foundation of all of ROAD’s efforts was fist laid out when Benjamin Rose was involved with the Liberian community-based organization called Movement for Community Development. Through his involvement with this organization, he discovered a passion for giving chances at success to those who needed it most. This sparked a fierce advocacy for sponsoring Liberian children and disabled persons, sometimes (then and now) to the detriment of his personal financial wellbeing. The needs that these people have is a large undertaking but even a little bit can make a big difference.

Fourteen long, hard years of civil unrest in Liberia led to the formation of the NGO, ROAD. July 29, 2014 was the end of sitting by idly and the beginning of ROAD’s intensive journey. The entire organization has given many hours and of themselves personally, professionally, and financially to raise awareness and be advocates for change, taking action by educating and informing the world about the atrocities that children and disabled persons suffer in modern day Liberia.

The Final Straw


Greetings, Valued Friends of ROAD,

We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude toward all partners who have financially assisted our efforts in some way and those who have volunteered their time to help our vision and purpose begin to manifest itself. The children of Liberia thank you too because you care enough to help make a difference.

As you know, the work we must do continues on, which means that we are relying on your continued support to keep progressing. Your donations give us the opportunity to support our efforts to develop, maintain, and promote educational opportunities for underprivileged and underserved youth and disabled people in Liberia. We appreciate your confidence in us to carry out this important work with the utmost integrity. Our promise to you is to never squander the gift of resources you provide us with. Because of this, our confidence in you remains high that you will continue to support our mission.

Together, we are changing lives and creating a brighter future for Liberian children.

Gratefully yours,

Office of the Board
Rose’s Organization for Advocacy and Development


Taking On The Challenges Of A Deprived Nation

There are many problems we face as citizens of this world. Few of these concerns are more disparaging to think about than those which exist from countries and cultures that lack the resources they need in order to support their citizens, economically and socially. This is the position in which the people of Liberia find themselves in. This country of just over 5 million people is in a constant struggle. All their lives are impacted by the reality of the challenges of the country. However, none are more affected than the lives of its children. If children are the future, they should be given the resources to do so and help their country thrive.

This has been an ongoing challenge made worse by horrific events. Civil war and unrest for fourteen years has torn Liberia apart at the seams. A derailed economy stripped away their chance to grow and recover, setting them back further than anyone can really say. Add in Ebola and its deadly impact, and the picture grows more dismal. These abysmal events are the dire reality of what Liberian people wake up to daily. It is heartbreaking to see how the people that make up the families and society of this nation are exposed to extreme poverty and oppression when they truly need hope, education, and opportunity. To change this outcome would be a blessing and a dream come true.

What Economic Challenges Create

Struggle is commonplace in Liberia. Over half of their population is unable to meet their basic needs for life. They are victims of a failing economy that has resulted in devastated lives. What makes the challenges even more heartbreaking are that the adults’ problems directly impact the children. It is impossible to imagine what it must feel like to say “there will be no food today” to a hungry child, maybe even a child who cannot speak yet. You don’t need a voice to feel the sadness that comes from going without food.

When adults want to work and cannot or have to work at such a low wage that it barely covers essential needs, you cannot build up a strong and viable economy. Instead, you end up with uneducated and poor individuals doing whatever they can to provide some type of financial means for their family. In these situations, it angers a person to think of how these people are being taken advantage of due to a lack of education. This basically equates to leaving them feeling like they have little or no worth. As we know, all humans have worth, and Liberians are no exception!

Education is Critical

According to data from UNICEF, “Liberia is significantly behind most African countries in nearly all education statistics. It has one of the highest levels of out of school children in the world.” The odds are not in the favor of children in Liberia—this statistic alone is evidence of this.

Education is what will help keep children off the streets and working toward being able become more and recognize their greatness—plus help their country too!

The Human Condition is Everyone’s Problem

As citizens of this world, it offers both encouragement and a serious pause for self-reflection to see the severity of the situations that exist in places we often don’t think about. Liberia is among the worst. To help improve their situation it is going to take a lot of work and it is a long road ahead. Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds there is hope for the country’s future.

This hope starts with nonprofits and other organizations stepping up to address the problem and implement changes at the grass roots level.

Tonight, as you reflect on your day of work, food, and security, do not be afraid to think of how different the day’s reflection is for someone who has none of these things. Take this time to evaluate what your role, minor or significant, could be in changing the outcome to one of favor for even one Liberian person who struggles.

The human condition is a problem we all need to concern ourselves with.

Together We Will Empower Liberia’s Underprivileged and Underserved

Every action we take at Rose’s Organization for Advocacy and Development (ROAD) is designed to make a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged and underserved youth and disabled persons in Liberia. Seeing the obstacles that they are up against agonizes the heart but it also leads to our greatest inspirations. We hope it does the same for you! Together, we can turn heartbreak into inspiration. Whether it’s advocating against the perils of human trafficking, offering opportunities to receive education, or uplifting the disabled, we use our resources and volunteers to make a positive impact that is life changing and brings dignity to someone else.
It is a duty of heart and ethical mandate that we tend to the needs of Liberia’s vulnerable populations. This takes money and that is the one resource we are lacking. In a world where people are always asking for help and handouts, we are no different. We need you! And the children and disabled of Liberia need you too!
There is so much to do, and we are on the ground every day giving these precious children and disabled people our best efforts so we can guide them toward a brighter future—for them and their country. There is no pride in being an impoverished nation but there is great pride in becoming a difference maker. Every person we help is one of these difference makes and we will not let them down.

The Key to Positive Change

Education is the key to unlock all doors to meaningful change. Whether it is the youth or a disabled adult, teaching these valuable members of society the skills they need to prosper matters. Offering them vital health services can help them to thrive. Together, these initiatives have the potential to change the entire country’s trajectory. Can you imagine how wonderful it could be when today’s educated and skilled Liberian becomes tomorrow’s leader? It is a moment we are all waiting for and one that your contributions will support.
Our ability to make a difference starts with small steps and as it builds momentum, it takes children and disabled adults into the future better prepared. These are people with hopes and dreams who are not afraid to work to make their desires come true. As for ROAD, we will not rest until we have helped these people achieve this worthy cause. We know that we most ask everyone to give something, even if it is just a little bit, to help in this pursuit. This is why we are asking you. Please help with your donation and know you are appreciated more than words could ever express.
Our volunteers and those who support this important work through donations matter greatly! These people are the hope, catalyst, and action that will lead Liberia to a future filled with hope and change.
Every person has a purpose, including those who are disabled. Surely, even in our world of so many problems, compassion and practical action (donations) have not gone to the wayside. Only with your help can ROAD’s create sustainable life changes that enable such empowering, life shifting changes. A fair chance at dignity is what these vulnerable youth and disabled adults require. We are here to help them see it through.
How You Can Help

ROAD’s founder Benjamin Rose says, “It’s incredible to see how big of an impact even a small donation can have on these children and disabled people’s lives. What is small and manageable to us becomes something big and brilliant to a child in Liberia.” Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that? You are the difference we need. Please consider donating to us so we can continue this noble and necessary work. Visit our donation link Visit our donation link here: Donate – Rose’s

Thank you for not turning away and being a part of the solution.

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Rose's Organization for Advocacy and Development

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Rose's Organization for Advocacy and Development


Rose's Organization for Advocacy and Development


Rose's Organization for Advocacy and Development


Rose's Organization for Advocacy and Development


Rose's Organization for Advocacy and Development

ROAD is relying on your help to keep advancing our mission. Every step we take is a result of somebody like you choosing to make a difference through your donation.

ROAD is relying on your help to keep advancing our mission. Every step we take is a result of somebody like you choosing to make a difference through your donation.