On September 11, 2021, Rose’s Organization for Advocacy and Development (ROAD) donated $42,000LD (equivalence of $250USD) to the Rescue for the Abandoned and Children in Hardship (REACH) Inc. Members of the team that presented the donation included: Kerkula Mulbah, Executive Director;

REACH, founded in 2013 by Ms Ne-Suah B. Livingston, who currently serves as its Executive Director, is a humanitarian organization that provides help and assistance to the underprivileged and families in hardship through social support and multiple charitable programs. REACH provides meals for over three hundred children and elderly people every Saturday. According to Livingston, “The institution also provides scholarship for children every year as well as interventions in addressing domestic abused against children.” She called on ROAD for an improved partnership.

ROAD was accepting of this partnership. Together, we are now on a mission to make urgent, medium-, and long-term interventions to benefit children. Situations include children with poor facilities, abandonment or death of parents or guardians, lack of educational support, lack of shelter, and lack of proper nutrition. We also work with Ebola virus victims, COVID-19 pandemic victims, victims of domestic violence, and those children who are trafficked. We have ensured that our hard-earned donation dollars are being used wisely to help these children.

Currently, RAOD has donated over $4,000USD to institutions and individuals to aid both domestic and disastrous victims in Liberia. Since our formation in 2014, ROAD has also provided over fifty scholarships for underprivileged children in school with the total cost estimated to be $15,580USD. These scholarships are provided to beneficiaries at various levels. These levels are:

  • School fees only
  • School fees and school materials
  • School fees, school materials, and meal plans

During an event at REACH, the ROAD team met with several underprivileged teenage girls who briefly explained their lives stories. They firstly acknowledged REACH’s assistance in providing then clothes and weekly meals. This is only the beginning. These young women are courageous and seeking further assistance to have an education that will change their destinies and allow them to give back in return.

  1. Miatta Kollie, 11 years of age explained that she lives with her biological mother and has yet to meet her father. “My mother is the only person in my life I know. She is jobless, so it becomes difficult to provide us adequate food, clothing, and educational support. There is nobody to help my mother pay my school fees, so I want you to help me go to school. That’s all I want,” she concluded.
  2. Veronica Y. Koffa, 12 years of age stated that she lives with her aunty. “Some of the times my aunty can afford to provide food but sometimes she cannot afford to provide food. I do not know where my parents are; they don’t come around,” she said as she burst into tears. With courage, she is asking ROAD for educational assistance to realize her dream: “I want to go to school and become a doctor.” 
  3. Joyce Mason, 14 years of age explained that her father left her mother while she was a kid. Unfortunately, her mother is jobless and cannot afford to put her in school. She has requested a scholarship from ROAD.
  4. Anita Jacob, 12 years of age has one parent in her life. She revealed that she doesn’t have the needed opportunities for education and healthcare. “All of the time I am thrown out of class because of school fees not being paid. My mother is trying hard to pay my fees but what she gets is not enough to pay for a full semester. Each time I get sick my mother cannot carry me to the hospital because of her inability to pay the hospital bill.” Anita also pointed out that REACH has helped her by providing clothes when she has been in dire need.

If we shared every story, we would be sharing over two hundred of them with you. The expression on some of these children’s faces tells a story, no words are needed.

ROAD is committed to creating opportunities for Liberian underprivileged children and partnering with local stakeholders to positively change their lives’ stories with ones of hope for their future. We need more donations and community engagement programs to see this through to completion.

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