Being Involved

We Support Liberian Children and Disabled Persons

It’s important for you to know where your funds are going. We use donations to connect with Liberian children and disabled individuals through four specific measures: 1) sponsorship, 2) in-person interaction, 3) analyzation, and 4) support for education.


We travel to select Liberian school administrations to meet underprivileged children whose parents struggle to afford tuition. Once we have the information and have verified its validity, we align children in need with the sponsorship required to continue their education. These children are ideally ones who show ambition and do well in their lessons despite the challenges they face.

In-Person Interaction

We visit marketplaces during school hours to build relationships with children who are forced to financially support their family on the street and forego classroom education. Doing this helps us to build rapport and collect vital information that helps us understand how we can help best support these children’s needs.


We are constantly reviewing data and important information that helps us create new strategies to aid and ensure that the family unit, or orphaned child, are receiving their best opportunities.

Support for Education

We ensure that children have the school supplies and meals they need in order to be best prepared for a quality educational experience.

We Believe In Our Work

  • We search out opportunities to help any youth in need
  • We treat those we help as if they were our own children, offering love, compassion, and financial support
  • We build schools that all children are encouraged to attend
  • We connect with child laborers to give them a chance to go to school
  • We work with disabled persons to train them in a skilled trade so they no longer have to beg on the streets

We believe that education and employment provide all people with dignity and inner peace that lead to a better life.

ROAD is relying on your help to keep advancing our mission. Every step we take is a result of somebody like you choosing to make a difference through your donation.